Integrative Medicine

Alliance Community Healthcare’s integrative health services offers patients the opportunity to work with their care Team on a care plan that will give them best of evidence-based medical care and the best ancient traditional healing alternatives together. Our board certified providers/specialists work in close collaboration with their patient’s primary care provider for a complete, holistic approach to wellness. We are proud to broaden the scope of Alliance Community Healthcare’s care to include acupuncture and mental health at our 2 convenient Jersey City offices. Our doctors and providers recognized that their patients are dealing with hectic often stressful situations in their lives, that often presents as physical ailments of the body. Sometimes all it takes a different path to arrive at a healing change in the body, Our Integrative Team focuses on changing lifestyle habits such as exercise, sleep routines, stress, or smoking, our wellness coaches are available to create a unique program designed to fit each patient’s individual needs. To take advantage of Alliance Community Healthcare’s integrative health services, please call any of our offices, or check the availability of our integrative providers online or through our mobile app to book an appointment.

What is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative Medicine is a holistic approach that blends alternative treatments with evidence-based medicine. It addresses the root cause of illness and imbalances using a whole-body approach to healing and prevention. Our integrative health specialists consider the body and mind to be one interconnected system, and use a variety of methods to support and strengthen the mind-body connection. Our providers also take all aspects of your life into account when evaluating and treating your issues, including your personal history, environment, and lifestyle habits.

Our unique integration of Eastern and Western approaches allows our specialists to work collaboratively and use a team-based approach to support you in meeting your personalized health goals. Whether you’re interested in naturopathy, mind-body medicine, or acupuncture, Alliance Community has the tools to help you stay well and achieve your health goals.

How is Integrative Medicine Different from Traditional Primary Care?

Traditional primary care medicine typically aims to cure or mitigate disease or injury in order to promote and maintain optimal health. Traditional primary care providers may recommend medications or other treatments to address acute and chronic conditions. Integrative medicine practitioners, on the other hand, may also utilize a variety of treatment tools, including lifestyle modification, dietary changes, therapeutic nutrition, nutrient supplementation, botanical medicine, homeopathy, bodywork, and meditation as a means to further enhance a patient’s health.

What Types of Conditions Are Often Treated Through Integrative Care?

Which Providers Should I See for Integrative Care?

While all of our primary care providers at Alliance Community Healthcare take a patient-centered approach to primary care, we have specific providers who specialize in integrative healthcare. Our integrative care team consists of primary care providers with additional training in integrative medicine, naturopathic doctors, and acupuncturists

How Might Acupuncture Fit Into a Treatment Program?

Once exclusively considered an Eastern practice, acupuncture is now commonly incorporated into integrative health care, and considered a valuable complementary and alternative modality in the West. More than one million people in the US use acupuncture to address a variety of health issues, including pain, fatigue, digestive complaints, anxiety, and stress. Acupuncture is guided by the philosophy that patterns of energy flow in the body result in varying states of health and illness. At Alliance Community Healthcare, our acupuncturists employ a distinct approach to diagnosis, and treatments are designed to optimize the energetic flow and restore balance in the body. In some cases, our providers may also recommend Chinese herbal formulas to further support your treatment goals.

How much does this cost?

Alliance Community Healthcare, Inc. accepts all insurances, and as a Federally Qualified Health Center, can offer our patients and the FQHC Discount, Alliance is also a ACA (Obamacare) enrollment center and can assist you to obtain health insurance coverage. We offer affordable self-pay packages that allows our member what best works for them to pay comfortably for their healthcare.

For information about integrative services visit fees, please refer to our fee schedule.