Adolescent Health

Teens deserve the best healthcare available.

Not quite children, not quite adults, adolescents have their own set of health care challenges.

With a comprehensive array of health services geared toward adolescents, and acommitment to remove barriers to that care, Alliance Adolescent Health team makes easier for young people to take charge of their health, protect it, and improve their well-being.

Our board-certified health-care providers have special training and years of practical experience in delivering primary adolescent health care. We offer a safe, friendly and non-judgmental environment for well visits, school physicals and vaccinations, and provide skilled, appropriate and effective interventions when disease or injury occurs.

Alliance services are as diverse as the adolescent clients we serve. We go beyond sexual and reproductive health to address the full range of adolescents’ health and development concerns:

Alliance’s Adolescent Health team optimizes every tool and resource in the health system and in the community to support adolescent health from schools, mobile clinics, pharmacies, and youth centers, to e-health, mobile apps and other outreach strategies.

Our goal is to remove the barriers to healthcare that prevent adolescents from getting the care they need, and to help them achieve optimal health and grow to their fullest potential.