Family Medicine

A Healthcare Plan Designed for You

From newborns to geriatrics, Alliance Community Health Care, Inc. offers comprehensive primary care services that ensure you and your family receive the most personalized, appropriate care throughout all stages of life.

What should I expect of my primary care physician?

As long as you are a patient with Alliance, you will be cared for by a primary care physician of your choosing. Typically, your primary care physician will act as the first point of entry into your health care services and will oversee all aspects of your care including:

Your primary care physician will also be there to diagnose of any illness or health issue (except major emergencies), and provide follow-up care.

Most patients find that mutual understanding between patient and primary care physician grows over time, so he or she is likely to continue to be your “go to” provider for most of your experience at Alliance.

Will my primary care physician have the training that is needed to treat my particular health issues?

Your primary care physician is specifically trained and skilled in comprehensive first contact and continuing care for chronic health issues such as diabetes care, asthmatic care, hypertension, or other acute chronic illness, as well as testing, medication management or health maintenance counseling.

What’s more, our multi-lingual, dedicated physicians have deep experience treating the primary health issues that disproportionately affect our community including asthma, sickle cell anemia, diabetes and obesity, smoking and other addictions. By understanding the many factors affecting your health, we are better able to reduce anxiety, remove any stigma or barriers to treatment, and achieve better health outcomes for our patients.

If I am feeling well, why should I bother to see my primary care physician?

We are here to help you prevent illness or detect problems before they become serious. Once you have established a primary care physician, it is important to communicate with your doctor on a regular basis. This means:

Regular, face-to-face communication with your primary care physician removes the uncertainty about what to expect (or what it will cost), so you are more likely to schedule health maintenance visits, keep immunizations up-to-date and access other forms of preventive care. That leads to a healthier you.