Caring for Hudson County’s children for 50 years

Making life better for children is our driving passion at Alliance Community Health Care, Inc. From newborn to adolescence, we offer consistent access to quality health care that meets your child’s needs at every age and stage of development. Your child deserves nothing less.

Our highly skilled pediatricians and nurses have been taking care of Hudson County children for over 50 years. That’s generations of newborns we’ve helped nurture. Children and adolescents we’ve watched grow. And families we watched thrive.

When should my child visit the pediatrician?

Your child should be seen by an Alliance pediatrician for a check-up or well visit every 6-12 months (depending on their age). Regular visits allow us to get to know your child, establish trust, and provide the quality care they deserve.

We understand that no child wants to go to the doctor. So we have created a positive, caring and low stress environment that helps reduce anxiety for children and parents alike. By creating a safe space and promoting dialog between physician and parent, we can promote wellness, prevent illness and diagnose any health concerns early on.

You should also make an appointment or any of the following reasons:

What should I expect during a pediatric visit?

As soon as you walk into our office, you’ll be greeted by a designated staff member who will review the reason for your visit and gather some necessary information to ensure your visit is seamless and stress free. Going forward, that staff member will coordinate your family’s in-office visits, camp physicals and specialist referrals.

After a brief wait in our child-friendly seating area, you and your child will be seen by a board-certified pediatrician or family doctor who can care for your entire family.

What medical services can I expect for my newborn baby?

Alliance pediatricians are dedicated to helping new parents build confidence and skills in caring for their newborn. At all stages of your baby’s development, your pediatrician will educate and answer questions in the essentials of newborn care including:

Your pediatrician will also administer necessary immunizations, discussing with you doses, schedules and recommended ages. We will also monitor and report on your child’s developmental milestones, and discuss other health care-related issues essential to your baby’s well-being.

What is involved in a typical health care exam for my child?

Whether your child is healthy or has a medical issue that needs attention, each visit to includes a complete physical exam in which your health care provider will:

At Alliance, we view every visit as an opportunity to get to know child and parent better, and educate about ways to improve care, prevent problems, and keep your child healthy.

How will my child’s care change as he/she reaches adolescence?

Helping children mature and grow to their full potential is one of the greatest challenges--and greatest source of satisfaction--of Alliance pediatricians.

Our pediatric care teams are recognized in the community for both their skill and compassion in dealing with the unique health care needs of adolescents. Each provider possesses special training in detecting, preventing and treating diseases that commonly arise by age 14 including:

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